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International Registration Plan (IRP) Only - New Registration

International Registration Plan (IRP) Only - New Registration

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The IRP is a program run by the states to facilitate crossing state lines. All vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of more than 26,000 lbs must have IRP (and IFTA) before crossing into another state, or have Trip and Fuel Permits for each time the state line is crossed. IRP (and IFTA) allow you to cross state lines without obtaining permits each time.

States require applications for both IRP and IFTA. Request this service if you already have applied for IFTA. Otherwise request our IRP and IFTA Intitial Application serivce.

The initial IRP registration is complex and time consuming. Due to its complexity, we are one of very few complaince agents to offer that service, for which we have developed expertise.

Please note, once the applications are submitted to your home state, we cannot track or report on its progress, Each state responds within its own timeframe. Accordingly, you should apply as early as possible. You will supply us with numerous documents so we may complete this burdensome process.

Fees are for our services only. You are responsible for the IRP state fee, which is different for each state. We cannot advise what the state fee will be.

IRP is renewed annually which is separate processes incurring separate fees.

Please ensure that you want to order IRP. We begin work immediately. Accordingly, sale is final.

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