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Lifetime BOC-3 -Required for all Interstate For Hire Motor Carriers

Lifetime BOC-3 -Required for all Interstate For Hire Motor Carriers

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Securing a BOC-3 form is a crucial and urgent step for Interstate carriers seeking to operate legally.

This form, filed with the FMCSA, designates agents in each state who receive and forward legal documents on the carrier's behalf if sued by someone outside their home state. Ensure the form is filed under your exact company name as it appears in DOT records, as name changes aren't allowed in this process.

Each type of authority, such as MC or FF, requires a separate BOC-3 form. Make sure to apply for the correct authority by providing the appropriate MC or FF number. Once filed, the form is non-refundable. It's filed electronically, becomes effective immediately, and you'll receive an email confirmation usually within a day. The form remains valid unless your company name or ownership changes, necessitating a new filing.

Keep in mind, DOT operating authority is only granted after you've filed insurance with DOT, a task handled exclusively by your insurance company. Note that BOC-3 process agents aren't registered agents, so you'll need to arrange for one separately. Please review our terms and conditions for more details.

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