The Foundation of DOT Compliance Services
In the realm of compliance, the roads are riddled with intricate regulations, complex paperwork, and ever-evolving standards. Stepping into this space in 2013, DOT Compliance Services emerged as a beacon of clarity, spearheaded by the experienced and charismatic Michael Tabman. A retired FBI Special Agent in Charge and a former police officer, Michael brought to the table a distinguished career spanning 27 years in law enforcement. His journey from the bustling streets of New York City to the intricate hallways of the FBI has ingrained in him a keen eye for detail, a commitment to precision, and a passion for ensuring order in any realm he ventured into.



What began as Michael's vision has blossomed into a family enterprise, echoing the values of dedication, trust, and a personal touch.

As a DOT/FMCSA approved Blanket Process Agent, our pledge is straightforward – we will file your BOC-3 electronically, ensuring immediate effectiveness. The compliance trail doesn’t end there. From meticulous drug testing protocols to managing permits and navigating the intricacies of IRP and IFTA, we shoulder the responsibility of ensuring you remain compliant, so you can focus on the journey ahead.


More Than Just Compliance

Understanding rules and regulations is one thing; navigating them adeptly is another. Our promise to you extends beyond just ticking boxes. We guide you through the maze, ensuring that you not only pass your initial audit but that you ace it the first time. Should you find yourself in a situation requiring a Corrective Action Plan, rest assured, we craft it to perfection, shielding you from potential service interruptions.

Michael Tabman: The Man Behind the Mission

Before his commendable tenure at the FBI, Michael served with dedication on the police force of Fairfax County, Virginia. His adeptness at communication led him to become the department’s inaugural hostage negotiator. Post-retirement, his entrepreneurial spirit took flight, resulting in the establishment of SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC, a stalwart in corporate security and risk management.
Five years on, DOT Compliance Services was born out of a passion for ensuring motor carrier compliance, cementing Michael’s legacy as a protector and guide, whether on the streets or on the roads.
As a crime and security analyst, Michael's insights have illuminated screens on several media platforms, ranging from CNN and Fox News to international interviews. An author of three books, his voice resonates in corporate corridors, shedding light on crime, security, and the art of turning investigative acumen into entrepreneurial success.
His newest presentation, "Investigate Your Way to Success", offers a riveting dive into the blend of his law enforcement techniques and business ventures. And with his signature New York City charm, Michael ensures every engagement is as entertaining as it is enlightening.